Pylux can help businesses achieve greater performance, efficiency, and security, by providing highly scalable I.T. infrastructure, flexible Software Applications, Cloud, and Hardware solutions to push the limits of your business.

TheHistoryof yesterday

Pylux was founded in 2012, under the name of: El-YOSR. The company focused on Software Development and Maintenance. to be able to serve the market properly Pylux expanded in all fields of I.T.

In preparation for the new era; Pylux team in late 2013 developed the company internal systems, website, mail systems, networks and I.T. infrastructure which became in 2014: Pylux Solution, LLC.

Past and present experience:

LKSoftWare GmbH2012-10 : 2013-12

IDA-STEP - Pylux in cooperation with LKSoftWare GmbH worked on the maintenance of IDA-STEP software.

CAD-Kernel - Pylux excels in the field of CAD systems, constructing and developing a kernel for most CAD operations, and integrating it into IDA-STEP software.

United Global Logistics, LLC.2014-03 : 2014-05

OnMissionfor an epic today

Introduce the Egyptian market with economical I.T. solutions; which is consistently perceived as convenient, strongly maintained, highly performing and fast delivered solutions.

HavingVisionfor a brighter tomorrow

Our vision is to lead the information technology industry in the Middle East, plant landmarks with the innovative products we offer, revolutionize the industry by making significant contributions to the market. We will not settle for anything less than excellence.


Focusing our energy on greater innovations

- Technological innovations are limitless, and so are Pylux's ideas. Gathering and merging different expertise -from different fields and backgrounds- will yield superior results.

- Pylux utilizes efforts, energy, and brainstorming sessions, organize them in a co-operative team project, and pushes them towards better innovations which translates into a better tomorrow.

Respecting the individual

- The individual is the seed of a successful team and society. People should always be themselves. In Pylux we maintain a friendly working environment, we are aware of personal boundaries, and always trying to meet one's needs.


- To accompany today's fast pacing requirements and needs, we should stay a few steps ahead of the market, thus; satisfying the market's needs today, and ready for any of tomorrow's challenges.

- We don't believe in mistakes, there are good experiences and bad experiences. Rather then regretting the bad experiences, we choose to learn from them.


- Whatever services/products we offer or sell, they are still ours, we worked hard and shed effort to accomplish them, thus they are always our responsibility.

- Pylux is one strong and united entity, we are totally accountable for our behavior.

- We are translucent towards all parties, however our degree of translucency will still maintain the security of our resources, and our professionalism.