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Network Services

No matter how complex your network is; Pylux is glad to offer a professional helping hand.

Having a stable networking environment is just the first stage of ensuring that your employees, vendors, clients and your team have confidence in your business.


Pylux's Network Services can build your network infrastructure fast and within reasonable budget.

our process is simple we:

Analyze Requirements

Plan Infrastructure

Propose Solution

Refine Security

Implement Network

Maintain Service


Pylux's Network Consultation can and will help you make the best of your current network infrastructure.

our network specialists can:

Analyze Network

Identify Threats

Browse Opportunities

Optimize Solution

Increase Security

Upgrade Infrastructure

We dedicate our resources to serve your requirements.

Built for you

We dedicate our resources to serve your requirements.

We work with you to achieve your goals.


Save your budget and Develop with ace using our service.

We offer competitive prices, and long term dedication.

Pylux Software Outsourcing Service

If you have limited -or no- internal I.T. resources, designing a complex computer network is a great challenge.

As a business owner you need a solution which is planned, designed, administrated, and maintained by professionals.

Pylux’s Networking services will help you in a few steps;

• Build and gather a whole scope of your needs and scale your requirements.

• Provide a whole review of the current network status, if exists.

• Suggest a complete architectural network plan.

Our specialists offer you the greatest degree of flexibility, by designing a new, or optimizing an existing network to support your unique business needs and facilitate future expansions.

Although the network plan is the cornerstone of a good and reliable network, a proper installation is required.

By identifying and testing your current system configuration and capabilities, Pylux will carefully implement an installation plan, propose any necessary hardware upgrades, and start your network installation with a minimal downtime.

When working in a networked environment it is essential to preserve this environment up to date, secured, virus free, protected against data loss, and hack proof.

Pylux offers a various range of support models, whether you choose a software support system (anti- virus, spy-ware tools, software firewall, authentication software ), or a hardware support system (manageable traffic, physical firewall), Pylux is at your help 24/7.

Working away from your headquarter, your network system can be easily and securely accessed from any place using a Virtual Private Network.

Pylux can provide a highly secured VPN that is highly mobile, out of the office users can authenticate into the network through a wide range of connections (Wi-Fi, 3G/HSDPA, DSL) and devices (Laptop, PC, Smart phone, PDA).

Upgrading your network to a wireless technology is becoming a necessity. Your users can access the network easily.

Some of the benefits of a wireless connection can be noted, as:

• A cable free office environment.

• Users able to access the data by any means (laptop, phone, ...etc).

• Provides mobility while working or moving between offices.

Pylux can easily integrate your existing network and transfer it into the wireless era.

Guaranteed Performance

Authentic Instruments

Integrated Solution

Distributed System

Minimal Downtime

24/7 Customer Support

Setting up an I.T. infrastructure, minimizing downtime, and establishing a stable networking environment is a crucial aspect of all small businesses.

Our I.T. consulting services offer you the power and experience of industry certified network engineers at a cost fractional to that of maintaining a full time I.T. staff.