Powering the fourth utility.

Managed Vertical Solution


The growing need for computing power, in the form of heavy-duty processing, storage, and bandwidth requirements, is a universal one that extends to all scales of industries and use. Pylux seeks to provide such services on-demand, ubiquitously, and dependably.


Even with a rock solid I.T. infrastructure, installing and maintaining a data server is a big challenge.

To avoid data loss and connection lags, Pylux experts can easily maintain/install your data server saving you time, effort, and errors which may lead to future breakdowns.


Losing data is undoubtedly one of the most distressing things that can happen in a business environment.

We’ve all tried the tragic feeling of losing data.

Data loss can be a result of many factors, whether technical, mechanical, or electrical malfunctions, those unfortunate events do exist and can not be denied.

Whether it's a flood/fire damage, power failure, or even stolen hardware, with Pylux, your data stays safe, secure, and untouched.

Pylux can provide data backup protocols, either locally on your servers, or remotely on our trusted servers, your data is always a few clicks away.


Pylux can offer you expert advise, implementations, and even modifications to your existing systems without the need to start all over again.


Pylux's Managed I.T. Consultation can and will help you make the best of your current infrastructure and/or services.

On-Site Support

Pylux is able to help your business by delivering I.T. support for all your hardware (desktops, servers, portable devices, and networking equipment).

We handle and troubleshoot a wide range of technicalities on a daily basis.

If your business depends heavily on I.T. infrastructure, you need an experienced company that is able to deliver reliable support and advice.

Our support includes an on-demand 24/7 emergency service or a long-term service agreement ensuring regular checkups of your servers, networks, workstations, desktops and mobile devices.

Database Support

A Database is the backbone of almost every system, organizing customer services, internal processes, sales, marketing, finances, and payrolls.

Pylux offers full database solutions, from; planning, development, implementation, and of course migrating your data from old databases to the new one.

Full Scope of Database Services:

  • Database Design.
  • Database Development.
  • Database Consulting.
  • Database Performance Testing.
  • Data Warehouse.
  • Database Analysis And Reporting Services.
  • Database Migration.

Our Process

  • Analyze Requirements
  • Identify Threats.
  • Plan Infrastructure.
  • Implement System.
  • Administer Services.
  • Ensure Security.
  • Maintain Stability.