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Take your restaurant to the next level

- Tavern is a unique package designed especially for those who appreciate uniqueness.

- Your café/restaurant is complaining about human errors and mix-ups? with Tavern your hosting environment is easily connected together.

- A neat and elegant looking tablet is placed on every table at your place. Your menus/services are displayed; your guest can browse easily through the menu and make his selection without any complications.

- Once the order is submitted, it is transferred to your backstage area "Kitchen" to be processed.

- After an enjoyable time, checking out is equally easy, with a click of a button, your guest will know the exact amount of his bill, and can also choose how he pays.

- As witnessed through both history and experimentation; switching to a computerized system limits the human error as much as possible. The human role becomes merely a data entry process.

Why Tavern is good for you?

  • Tavern enables you to keep track of your customers. Stay in touch with your regular customers, offering them bonuses and complementary discounts on their special occasions.
  • Tavern saves precious time when it comes to order priority and human mix-ups.
  • Tavern adds a special fancy touch to your place.
  • Tavern Keeps the connection open between you and your customers.

Why is the " Digital terminal " better than the " Printed menu " ?

  • Digital terminals do not suffer from scratches, torn pages, and fading paper colors.
  • There is no need to print new menus each time you add new services to your place, you can just add them by yourself.
  • If a terminal breaks down, it can be easily repaired within the same day, no need to throw it away.
  • The terminal will calculate the whole bill of your customer, including taxes, services, and minimum charge, thus avoiding calculation mistakes and human error.


  • Economy Plan
  • 24Hours

  • Pylux Tavern Table Terminals
  • In-Place Ordering System
  • In-Place Monitoring System
  • In-Place Administration System
  • FREE installation visit
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  • Medium Plan
  • 72Hours

  • Online Ordering System
  • Online Reservation System
  • Online Monitoring System
  • Online Administration System
  • All Brandable menu interface
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  • Pro Plan
  • 352Hours

  • Full Branches Integration
  • All Brandable User Interface
  • Kitchen Terminal/s
  • Cashier Terminal/s
  • Pro dedicated support team
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